Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"OLD JOY" trailer... now online.

I saw it at Sundance, and I can't possibly express how moving it is.

I haven't seen a film this good in a long time. At just 76 minutes, it seems like a sliver of a film, but there isn't an excess shot, line of dialogue, or missed emotional beat in the entire movie.

It felt like a film I'd been waiting to see, glimpsed moments of in other films, heard snippets of in songs I love, wished I could have made...but it wasn't until the end of the screening at the Egyptian Theater in Park City that I was overwhelmed with gratitude, because someone had been able to tell this story, without compromise.

It's a story about two old friends walking through the forest.'s also about so much more (I'll wait until it's released before I write more about the actual story).

"Old Joy" comes out in select theaters in the next month...if it's released anywhere near you, do yourself a favor and check it out.

"OLD JOY" trailer