Thursday, August 17, 2006

"BRICK," THE MOUNTAIN GOATS, MOODY and LETHEM..., RIAN JOHNSON, who directed the ambitious and ingenious "BRICK," has directed a video for one of my favorite groups, THE MOUNTAIN GOATS.

Check it out HERE.

Also, in case you don't know The Mountain Goats, you should really get acquainted.

John Darnielle (aka The Mountain Goats) is one of the finest lyricists alive. Yes, people say shit like that all the time, so the compliment probably seems ragged, but in this case, it's true. Along with folks like Vic Chesnutt, Lucinda Williams, Rakim, David Berman, Richard Thompson, Will Oldham, Bob Dylan, and Nas, this man is a fucking topnotch, A-1 storyteller with few peers (well, I guess I just named some folks I consider his peers).

Darnielle doesn't write verse-chorus-verse songs--he writes epic novellas that clock in around three minutes.

Case in point: his song, "The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton," which says more about small-town hopes, adolescence, friendship, anguish, and Satanic rock n' roll than, well, anything else I can think of. Pure genius.

John Darnielle also has one of the most consistently enjoyable blogs on the internet, LAST PLANE TO JAKARTA.

He just posted his favorite tunes so far of 2006--check it out. It gives a bit of insight into how musically omnivorous this dude is.

Also, if you really want a great read, the L.A. Weekly did a round table a while back with Darnielle, Rick Moody ("The Ice Storm"), and Jonathan Lethem ("Motherless Brooklyn") about the "crossbreeding of literature and pop." It's wonderful.

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