Thursday, August 10, 2006


...opens tomorrow in New York. Go see it.

It's a fantastic film, and Ryan Gosling fufills on all the promise he showed a few years back in "The Believer."

Also, it's a New York flick, which gets me excited, and THINKFilm , who're distributing my film in a few months, are releasing it.

I spent a day on the set out in East New York last summer. Great group of people. I originally met Andrij Parekh--the talented DP--a few years back when we both had short films at the Clermont-Ferrand film festival in France, and then I met Jamie Patricof (one of the producers of "Half Nelson") at the IFP conference two years ago. Small world...nice to see such good guys make a stellar film.

Man...there's a bunch of movies out in theaters now I need to go see this weekend...not enough time...