Tuesday, August 08, 2006


On Friday night I saw PEACHES play at the Wiltern.

I was sort of dragged to the show.

After the show, I had two thoughts about Peaches:

1) From a distance, she kind of reminds me of Tim Curry in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." No, seriously.

2) PEACHES KICKS ASS! Holy mother of baby Jesus...I had no idea. I mean, I knew a couple things about her, like that she used to be roommates with Feist (from Broken Social Scene) and that she's nasty like a horny 8th grade boy. But who knew she put on such a great live show? Not I.

But by the time Peaches had stripped down to her bra and cameltoe shorts, started riding a bicycle on stage while singing about the "Shocker" (ahem...no explanation necessary, right?), I was a convert.

On stage, Peaches is vulgar and hilarious and hopped-up on something nasty and I'll be damned if her songs aren't Black tar addictive.

That juvenile, foul-mouthed woman IS the funk.

Will I buy her new album, "Impeach My Bush?"
(Yes, Peaches came up with the best Bush-pun ever. Feel that? It's your mind being blown.)

Probably not.

If I hear the car next to me on the 101 blasting Peaches out their window, will I throw the Shocker up in the air?

Oh, yes. You can count on it.