Thursday, September 28, 2006

Release dates for "OFF THE BLACK"!!!

So, I'm sure this might change, but it sounds like we've got the release dates for the film. It'll be opening in a limited release, which basically boils down to this: if we make enough money in the opening weekend, other theaters/cities will be added. If not, well...there's always DVD.

But I'm very excited about the film's release, I'm honored that THINKFilm is putting it out, and I hope everyone I know (and folks I don't yet know) are able to see it in a theater. 'Cause Tim Orr (our cinematographer) did a damn fine job of shooting the film. And everything looks better on the big screen.

But anyway. Here are the dates. I'll add more info as we get closer to the release:

December 1st-NEW YORK

December 8th-LOS ANGELES

December 15th-SAN FRANCISCO

December 15th-BERKELEY

December 15th-SAN DIEGO

December 15th-CHICAGO

December 15th-MINNEAPOLIS

December 15th-WASHINGTON D.C.